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The history of board short
27 January.2016

Board short, which was originally known as Surf Trunks, and occasionally in British English as swim shorts, are a style of men's and, more recently, women's summer wear. These shorts were originally developed for aquatic sports, specifically for surfing. In recent years,  board shorts have become a popular form of general beach wear and all-purpose summer wear.

The name "board short" is based on their use in aquatic sports that use a board, such as surfing. They are also sometimes called "boardies" in slang, especially in Australia, and "baggies" in South Africa.

Board shorts are especially popular in North America and spread beyond surfing especially as the skater punk fashion trend got underway. They are also typically worn as men's beach volleyball short. They are less popular in other parts of the world, where other suit styles are preferred.